2015 Events

New Year's Eve Dance 31/12/2015

The Messinian Association of SA celebrated the New Year with a festive dance at Messinian Function Centre on New Year's Eve to farewell 2015 and welcome 2016.

The New Year’s Eve Dance has been annual event since the Association’s establishment.


Many members and their friends enjoyed a night of entertainment, dancing, eating and drinking. It was also a fun night for the children as well. Families and children and guests of all ages after enjoying a sumptuous meal joined in the revelry and danced non stop.


The Women’s Auxillary prepared a delicious 4 course meal based on Greek contemporary cuisine. 

There was something to satisfy everyone’s palate, from salads, dips, seafood and meat platters which included the traditional lamb as well the refreshing summer fruit and filo pastry sweets.




At midnight after the countdown by DJ Stelios , Father Christmas, Aghios Vassilis from Caesaria, made an appearance  to welcome the new year and the guests sang the New Year’s carols.


The event would have not been complete without the traditional lottery with many prizes. The winners were announced shortly after midnight.

With the close of the event, the Executive committee gave a hand to the Women’s Auxilary to tidy up and that the same time had the opportunity to engage in some fun and games.


Finally we would like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors and members of the club who contributed to making this event possible and of course to all our volunteers who work tirelessly and support all the Association’s activities.


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A great Taverna night 14th of November 2015

Over 200 members and friends of the Messinian Association of South Australia gathered at the Messinian Function centre on Saturday Night 14th or November 2015 to celebrate their culture and be entertained by the live music of the band “ Notes”


The guests enjoyed a wonderful dinner which consisted of Greek specialties whilst the band entertained them with a mix of old favourites and some of the more recent Greek hits.  

It was a night filled with Kefi whilst guests of all ages joined in to dance traditional Greek dances which included the famous Kalamatiano and Tsamiko.

The Messinian Association’s Dance Group also performed the  famous“ Syrtaki” as well as other traditional dances. 

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Annual Xmas BBQ  2015

The Messinian Association of S.A holds a Christmas BBQ for its members and their children every year. This year the event was held on 29th of November 2015 and was a full house with many families and 50 children in attendance.  The simple but colourful decorations on each table combined with the large illuminated Christmas tree helped creative a festive atmosphere for the final BBQ of the year.

Children under 15 at all our monthly BBQ’s are free and this was no exception.

The guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet lunch with meat, fish, chips, salads and Greek traditional dishes such as stuffed tomatoes and peppers and Giouvetsi.

The lunch would not have been complete without the famous “loukomades” which are honey puffs with cinnamon and a favourite Greek sweet.


The band “Notes” provided live music and the younger members of the Messinian Dance School entertained the members with a performance of Greek traditional dances.

 By the end of their performance every-one was in high spirits with many members joining our young performers on the dance floor.

A Messinian gathering without dancing would be inconceivable given that Greeks love to dance!


An event for the youngest members of the Association would not be Christmas without a visit from the man in red himself.


Father Christmas arrived to the tune “Ayia Vassilis of Cesaria “ with the children lining up to receive their presents. 

Once Father Christmas had dispensed with the presents, he joined in the festivities.


The event marks the end of a successful year for the association, who are now gearing up to celebrate the New Year with its annual New Year’s Eve Dance.

We would also like to thank all the volunteers, and the Ladies Auxilary Committee who once again made this BBQ possible. 

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Christmas Dinner for Volunteers 6th December 2015

To celebrate the volunteers’ invaluable contribution to the Messinian Association and show its appreciation the Executive Committee organized a Christmas dinner for them.

The dinner which took place on Sunday December 6th, at the Messinian Hall provided a unique opportunity for the volunteers to relax and to socialize ! 

There was ample food, Greek sweets, music and lots of laughs, with everyone having a great time.

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The volunteers of the Messinian Association are the most important resource that the organization has. It is administered and run entirely by volunteers who are both the backbone and foundation of the Messinian Association. Without them, the organization  could not function. 

The Executive and other administrative organs of the Association and its offshoots, such as Messinian Hawks Football Club and the Messinian Dance School are all managed entirely by volunteers.  


None of the social, cultural, athletic and fund raising activities would be possible without their contribution and dedication. The volunteering spirit is exemplified by the dedicated members of our association’s Women’s Auxiliary many of whom have served the Association for decades.

The effort they put into the preparation of our social events is truly inspirational.


Celebration of 28th of October National Day and 56th Anniversary of the Messinian Association of South Australia Inc.


On the 25th of October, the Messinian Association held its customary monthly BBQ. The Association availed itself of the opportunity to celebrate its 56th anniversary as well the Ohi Day. The anniversary of “Ohi” ( No in English)  and in Greek: Επέτειος του «'Οχι» is celebrated throughout Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities around the world on October 28 each year. Ohi Day commemorates the rejection by Greek dictator Ioannis Metaxas of the ultimatum made by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini on October 28, 1940.

The students of the Dance School of the Messinian Association also performed a number of traditional dances in honour of the occasion. The buffet lunch which was prepared as usual by the Ladies Auxiliary had a wide variety of  dishes including different meats, fish, salads and  other Greek dishes.

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School Holidays Children's Art Workshop

During the last week of the  October school holidays the Messinian Association and Ms. Niki Sperou (an Adelaide artist of Messinian descent)  organized a Karagiozi and Theatro Skion Puppet Making Workshop for children aged between 5-13 years.


The workshop and screening which was held at the Messinian Hall on October 9th at 2p.m. and  which was free of charge was a great success.

The workshop offered the children an opportunity to make their own shadow puppet to take home whilst they watched the screening of a Karagiozi performance.

The children had a fantastic time whilst enjoying biscuits, drinks and ice cream.


The parents and grandparents who accompanied their children also had the chance to relax and chat over a  cup of coffee and refreshments whilst admiring their offspring's creations.


Our special thanks to Ms. Niki Sperou who made this workshop possible.

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More than 300 people attended the event which took place at the Messinian Function Centrer which was decorated in blue and white the national colours of Greece. 

To mark the occasion, the President of the Association Mrs. Martha Ioannides delivered a speech on the significance of the “Ohi Day” and cut the cake prepared for the 56th Anniversary. 


Annual General Meeting 2015

The Annual General Meeting of the Association took place on the 20th of September at the  Messinian House and was well attended by the members.

The AGM is not only a governance duty but also an opportunity to formally update  the  stakeholders  of our organization on some of the insights from the Executive Committee as well as future plans and key initiatives.
The meeting opened with a welcome address from the President, Mrs. Martha Ioannidou and was followed by observing a  minute’s silence  for the members of the organization who have passed away.
The minutes of the previous AGM were then read and accepted followed by the President’s Report, and Treasurer’s Report. 
Next on the Agenda was the election of a new Audit Committee which was elected and will serve for a two year period 2015/2017.

Once all the formalities were concluded, the President thanked all the participants for there presence. Finally  the participants enjoyed a get together and a hot meal which which had been prepared by the Women's Auxiliary Committee. A huge thank you to all our wonderful tireless volunteers !

Messinians honour Anzacs and Centenary of Gallipoli Landing on 26th of April 2015

Over 200 people attended the Association’s last event which was held in honour of the Anzac Centenary landing at Gallipoli. The Messinians and indeed the Greek population in general are no strangers to the ravages of war. Throughout the centuries they have fought bravely for their independence and culture and know well the price of war in terms of loss of life and the sacrifices required by both soldiers and civilians alike.


Through this event, the Messinian Association of South Australia wished to honour the Anzac spirit of the Battle of Gallipoli, a name synonymous with pain and death but also glory and honour. The Gallipoli campaign, for Australians reminds them of the brave young men who gave up their lives so that others could live theirs.


The BBQ lunch which was held at the Messinian House, which was decorated with red poppies and rosemary  was attended by the following official guests, the Hon. Mr Matt Williams MP, Federal Member for Hindmarsh,  and thr President Greek Ex-Servicemen’s Association S.A. Inc. Mr. Euthemiou Sorvanis.

The members observe one minute's silence in remembrance of the fallen Anzacs
The members observe one minute's silence in remembrance of the fallen Anzacs

The commemoration ceremony began after a scrumptious lunch with the lowering to half mast of the Australian flag, followed by the recital in English of the “Ode” to the fallen by Hon. Matt Williams MP (Federal Member for Hindmarsh).

The “ Ode” was then recited in Greek by Mr. Euthemiou Sorvanis (President Greek Ex-Servicemen’s Association S.A. Inc. Immediately after the bugle call “ the last post” was heard and a one minute silence was observed by all the guests.

Finally the Australian Flag was raised to the masthead and the ceremony was closed with the playing of the Australian Anthem.

Several speeches and important announcements followed.
Firstly the President of the Association Martha Ioannides spoke of the significance of Anzac Day both as one of the greatest disasters of World One but also as a symbol of national glory pride and remembrance for the Australian public. The President also added  that at the time of the Gallipoli campaign, Australia had only recently become a federated country sending its soldiers  to war for the first time but demonstrating to the rest of the world its soldiers willpower, spirit, strength and bond of fraternity.

The Hon. Mr Matt Williams MP, Federal Member for Hindmarsh
The Hon. Mr Matt Williams MP, Federal Member for Hindmarsh

In her closing remarks, Mrs Ioannides announced that the proceeds of lottery of the day were to be donated to Legacy and that from now on every year, the April BBQ would be known as the Anzac BBQ in commemoration of the Anzac spirit.

The Hon. Mr Matt Williams MP, Federal Member for Hindmarsh spoke next and made an announcement on behalf of Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson, Minister for Veterans’ Affairs, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Centenary of ANZAC, Special Minister of State, concerning funding under the Australian Government Anzac Centenary Local Grants Program.


The Hon. Mr Matt Williams confirmed that funding had been approved for two Honour Boards commemorating the Centenary of Anzac for the Greek Ex-Servicemen’s Association S.A. Inc. and the Messinian Association of South Australia Inc, for a total sum of $1,410 (to be presented formally in a later ceremony).Finally, Mr. Euthemiou Sorvanis, President of the Greek Ex-Servicemen’s Association S.A. Inc. addressed the guests and spoke of the significance of 100 years of Anzac and Hellenic connections.


Once the speeches had come to an end, the entertainment in the form of live music continued and the guests had the opportunity to dance and socialize.

Once again a huge thanks to all our dedicated men and women volunteers particularly the Women’s Auxilary, without whom, these events would be not possible. 


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The Messinians of South Australia proudly celebrate Greek Independence Day

From left to right official guests, Steve Georganas,Steph Key, George Demetriou, Simon Tsiaparis,Arthur Mangos and Matt Williams
From left to right official guests, Steve Georganas,Steph Key, George Demetriou, Simon Tsiaparis,Arthur Mangos and Matt Williams

The Messinians of Adelaide celebrated the 194th anniversary of the Greek Independence Day on Sunday the 29th of March.
The main event included a commemorative ceremony which took place at the Memorial Gardens of the City of West Torrens followed by a celebration at the Messinian Function Centre which was attended by hundreds of Messinians and their friends.

The memorial service which was conducted the Reverend Father Konstantinos Skoumbourdis was attended by representatives from all three levels of government.


The official guests included Mr. Matt Williams Member for Hindmarsh, Mrs Steph Key Member for Ashford who represented the Minister for Multicultural Affairs Ms Zoe  Bettison, Mr George Dimitriou representing the Mayor of West Torrens Mr John Trainer, Mr. Steve Georganas former Member for Hindmarsh, Mr George Vlahos, Mr Arthur Mangos and Mr. Simon Tsiaparis, Councillors of the City of West Torrens.


From left to right Steve Georganas, Steph Key, Martha Ioannidou and George Demetriou
From left to right Steve Georganas, Steph Key, Martha Ioannidou and George Demetriou

After a brief commemorative message spoken by Mrs. Martha Ioannides, President of the Messinian Association, the laying of wreaths took place with a one minute silence in memory of the heroes who fought for Greece’s independence. 


The ceremony concluded with the national anthems of Australia and Greece.


The dignitaries proceeded to the Messinian Hall and joined the other guests there. In honour of the day, the Hall was decorated in blue and white.

Official guests, Mr  Matt Williams Member for Hindmarsh, Mr George Vlahos Councillor for West Torrens and Mr Tom Koutsandonis State Treasurer
Official guests, Mr Matt Williams Member for Hindmarsh, Mr George Vlahos Councillor for West Torrens and Mr Tom Koutsandonis State Treasurer

After the national anthems were played, Mrs. Martha Ioannides, welcomed all the guests and delivered a moving speech about the importance of the Greek Independence Day.


The celebration at the Messinian Hall was also attended by the Hon. Tom Koutsandonis, Treasurer of the State and Mr Euthemiou Sorvanis, President Greek Ex-Servicemen’s Association of South Australia Inc.

There was a sumptuous barbeque buffet lunch with Greek delicacies prepared by the tireless women of the Ladies Auxiliary Committee followed by music, dancing and socializing.


The guests were also entertained by the Messinian Dance Group who performed a number traditional Greek dances.


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Officially, Greek Independence Day is celebrated on 25 March in Greece, where it is also known as Greek National Day. It marks the Greek War of Independence, also known as the Greek uprising in 1821