The Executive Committee


Management Committee 2018-2020

Congratulations New Management Committee Members. We wish them every success during their term in office.


President: Martha IOANNIDES 

Vice President: Peter BOUZALAS

Secretary: Voula MOUTZOURIS

Treasurer: Antonis DANOS

Public Officer: George STATHOPOULOS

Member: Kostas MANTIS

Member : Periklis KOUTSIKAS

Member: Kosta APOSTOLOU

Member: Theo VLASSIS





Martha Ioannides

President of the Executive Committee


Martha is a solicitor and is married with three children.  


She comes from a Messinian background and is proud to be an active member of the Messinian Association of SA Inc.

Peter Bouzalas

Vice President of the Executive Committee


Peter is an Engineer, working in the oil and gas industry. He comes from a Messinian background and his interests include soccer, politics, learning languages and travelling. Peter's family has been involved with the organisation for three generations.
Peter is proud of the achievements of the Messinian Association in the 55 years since its inception, and looks forward to working with the committee to continue this success for future generations.


 Voula Moutzouris

Secretary of the Executive Committee


Mother of three children.  Voula comes from Messini, Messinia and is active in cultural matters. She is involved in logistics with SunTrak Enterprises.

Voula looks forward to working with all the members of the Association and the Executive Committee..

Antonis Danos

Treasurer of the Executive Committee


Antonis has been involved with the Messinian Association for over 20 years. 
He has been a member of the Executive Committee for 15 years and has previously served as Vice President.


Kostas Mantis
Assistant Treasurer of the Executive Committe


Born in Adelaide South Australia, Kosta has been a member of the Messinian Association of South Australia since his birth year in 1991. He joined the Executive Committee in 2016 replacing his father George Mantis, who has recently resigned, moving onto the M.A Hawks Football Club Committee. Kosta has taken on the role of Assistant Treasurer & has also taken on the responsibility to activate the clubs presence on Social Media. Kosta believes the club has great potential to rejuvenate the younger Greek community by utilising its resources.

Theo Vlassis

Member of the Executive Committee

Theo is a proud Messininan and a well known business man in the food industry and owner of City East IGA in Adelaide.

George Stathopoulos

Public Officer and Member of the Executive Committee.


George is a Barrister and Mediator. Born in Aetofolia, Messinia and arrived in Australia with his family in 1964, at the age of 9, on the migrant ship “Ellinis”. The Messinian Association has served the migrants and their children well since its inception in 1959. The challenge now is for it to be relevant to the following generations.


Arthur Konstantopoulos
Member of the Executive Committee


Arthur has been active member and staunch supporter of the Association since 1967.

He has served on the Executive Committee on a number occasions and has also been the Secretary of the Association.

Periklis Koutsikas

Member of the Executive Committee


Periklis is a dental surgeon and was born in Plati Messinias and immigrated to Australia with his family. 

The Koutsikas family as one of the founding members of the Association has always supported the Association and his  uncle Evgenios Koutsikas was the first President of the Association in 1959.  

Kosta Apostolou

Member of the Executive Committee


Kosta is a Property Investment Manager and was born in Adelaide, Australia. Kosta's family has relatives that have been involved in the Association since its birth in 1959.


Peter Angelopoulos

Member of the Executive Committee

Peter Sylianopoulos

Member of the Executive Committee