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Established in 1959


Welcome to the Messinian Association of South Australia's website. 

The aim of this website is to be able to provide the Messinian Community and friends with information regarding the activities and events which have taken place in the community as well as future activities that are coming up (dances, festivals, meetings, soccer matches etc.

In the following pages, you can learn all about our Association and being Messinian in South Australia. We hope that you enjoy this time on our website and welcome your feedback on subjects that are important to you and your families.


News and Announcements

60th Anniversary 4th of October 2019

Message from the President

Our journey began on the 24th September 1959 when three friends Vasilis Plemenos, George Mantis and Angelos Bouzalas printed and circulated at the Greek Kaffenia and outside the Greek Orthodox churches the first invitation calling upon all the Messinians of Adelaide to a meeting for the purpose of forming a Messinian Syllogo.


60 years ago today, that is, on the 4th October 1959, Adelaide’s Messinians came together for a meeting at the classroom of the Greek School next to the “Taxiarchis” Greek Orthodox Church in Franklin Street, Adelaide to approve the establishment of the Messinian Brotherhood of South Australia and to elect a temporary five member committee for the purpose of preparing a Constitution for approval at the next meeting of the newly formed Messinian Brotherhood of South Australia. 


The Constitution was changed at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 28 July 1985 to reflect the change of name from Messinian Brotherhood to the Messinian Association of South Australia Incorporated (“the Association”) for which it is still known by today. 


On the 19 July 1987 at a General Meeting the Association took over the former Adelaide High School soccer team and renamed it the Messinian Hawks Football Club adopting a uniform with similar colours as worn by the Kalamata Football Team.


It was through the inspiration and instigation of our beloved dear friend and member, the late George Mantis that the Messinian Greek Dance School of SA. was officially established at a General Meeting on 19 August 2007.  


Today, the marking of 60 years is a chance for us to remember the hard work of all our members and volunteers and to reflect on the journey so far.  


The challenge for us now is to continue their good work and to uphold our Messinian traditions and transfer those to the younger generations.  We pay tribute to our members and volunteers, past and present, who have worked tirelessly over the past 60 years for the benefit and continued presence of the Association and them then for their selfless devotion and continued support.  


We are proud of this milestone anniversary celebration and extend our heartfelt thank you to all those who have made this amazing journey possible.


Martha Ioannides President

Monthly BBQ  October 27th 2019

Come and celebrate Oxi Day with us at the BBQ  October 27th 2019

Join us on the 27th of October to celebrate Oxi Day and the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the Messinan Association of SA.


OXI day on the 28th of October 1940 marked Greece's heroic rejection of the Axis ultimatum and Greece's entry in World War II.

Come join us at our Monthly BBQ. The Buffet lunch offers a great variety of dishes, including lamb and pork on the spit as well as seafood, pasta dips and Greek salads.  Although drinks are extra, they are very inexpensive. 

 Our Monthly Barbecue includes Buffet Lunch,  Greek Coffee (self service) and Greek Sweets -Honeypuffs (loukoumades) available at small  fee


Drinks extra

$20 for Adults - Children under 12 free

Live Music and Raffle

For bookings for this month's BBQ  please call: 

President:  Mrs Martha Ioannides    at  0451991264 

Secretary:  Mrs. Voula Moutzouris   at 0438835043 


Commemoration of Liberation of Kalamata 23rd of March 1821

On the 23rd of March 1821 the Greek irregular revolutionary forces liberated Kalamata, (now the capital of Messinia) from the Ottoman Turks. It was one of the first events of the Greek War of Independence and was the first city to be liberated from the Ottoman yoke.  It was on this day that the 


The 1st revolutionary proclamation of Kalamata 23rd of March 1821  



On Saturday the 23rd of March the Messinians of Adelaide gathered at the Memorial Gardens of the City of West Torrens in order to celebrate the liberation of Kalamata and commemorate this historic victory and milestone of the Greek War of Independence. read more



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